US charities fund Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program |

You know the crap that has been spread about Muslim charities that are funding extremism……well guess what?

Israel got help from US charities to fund their nuke program…..a program they have yet to admit to having……

We need to work on getting this info out there….and I want to know who these d/bags were so action can be taken to hold them criminally responsible.


US charities fund Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program |

ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #28

Good day my friends and welcome to today’s briefing…..

The news coming out of the Middle East and the battle against ISIS is slowing down for the media….Kobane is about all we will get from the MSM…….we try to take the reader into the real world of the fight against ISIS.

Unfortunately this means that the briefings will be given less frequently…..I apologize and will return to the daily briefings as the battle heats up…….

Item 1–Iraq forces are attempting to recapture the country largest refinery……

Iraqi security forces said they advanced to within 2 km (1.2 miles) of the city of Baiji on Wednesday in a new offensive to retake the country’s biggest oil refinery, besieged since June by Islamic State militants.

Backed by Shi’ite militias and army helicopters, government forces have swept through a desert area to the west of Baiji, aiming to recapture the city 200 km (130 miles) north of the capital.


This should illustrate if the plan they have now is doable……

Item 2–If you will recall we had a new bad guy….Khorsan….remember and we took them on and how did we do?

US officials say that the September attack on “Khorasan,” a US-invented term for a faction within Jabhat al-Nusra, failed even worse than previously reported, and the leaders previously reported killed actually survived.

Though officials claimed to be tracking Khorasan for a long time, experts believe the term was primarily invented to sell the attacks as something other than on Nusra, which in addition to being al-Qaeda is also a close ally of the “moderate” rebels the US always hypes in Syria.

OOPS!  Things are changing and we just seem to be following not leading……

Item 3–The Iraqi Kurds that went to Kobame to assist the defenders may be a constitutional sticking point……

Dispatching Peshmerga to the besieged Syrian town of Kobane is a political move and violates the Iraqi constitution, an Iraqi parliamentarian close to former Prime Minister Nouri-al Maliki claimed in an interview with Rudaw.

“The question is: will this force do anything for Kobane?” Ali al-Adeeb said by telephone from Baghdad Wednesday. “At the moment the force is very small. That’s why I think the deployment is nothing more than a political message,” he said.

A political battle could be the nail that ends Iraqi’s involvement…..bit really but some will want to believe that it will make a difference.

Item 4–I have said all along that the key to fighting ISIS in Anbar will be the tribes and so far the effort has been a dud……

When Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi took office, he was regarded as a moderate Shi’ite leader who could win over powerful Sunni tribal chiefs to the fight against Islamic State.

Three months later, Sunnis who once helped U.S. Marines kick the Islamic State’s predecessor al Qaeda out of Iraq view Abadi with deep scepticism because he has yet to deliver on promises to support their neglected Sunni heartland Anbar province.

The Sunni tribes are an answer for Iraq’s survival…….without them the battle against ISIS will not succeed.

Another day of little real information on the battle against ISIS…..the news will be dominated by the battle for Kobane (a battle that I do not think it is as important as the media wants it to be)……

This concludes today’s briefing……

Thanx for your time and attention

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2014 Mid-Terms: A Comedy Of Errors

In just days…..Americans will go vote…….if you can call it that…….

I would like to give my opinion of the 2014 mid-terms……I searched for the most appropriate word that could sum up what I think of the election…..after many minutes of thinking I finally came up with the one word that could do justice to this election…..then BAM!  It came to me in a vision……..YAWN!

The truth is I find the whole process this time around to be as boring and as disgusting as any in recent memory…….and I am NOT alone……

The consensus heading into crunch time of the midterm elections is that they’re … boring. (See here and here, or check out a recent Pew poll showing the anemic level of interest among Americans—only about 15% are closely following things.) Midterms always lack the punch of a presidential election, of course, but this year seems worse than any recent one, writes Peter Beinart at the Atlantic. The problem, he argues, is that while 2014 has a number of dramatic races on the local level, nothing is grabbing people in more of a big-picture sense. “There’s no big national issue on which voters feel that they can change the country’s course.”

Go back to 1998, for instance, when the possibility of Bill Clinton’s impeachment hung over the election. In 2002, the nation fretted about invading Iraq, and four years later, it fretted about leaving. In 2010, the economic collapse overshadowed all. But this year, “Americans just don’t believe that as much hinges on their vote.” Control of the Senate? Sure, “Democrats want to win, but they’re not too worried about losing,” writes Ezra Klein at Vox. Even if they do, “they’re likely to take it back in 2016. And it’s not as if much is going to get done in the meantime.” People right now are worried about Ebola and ISIS, he adds, and that gets to heart of the problem of the 2014 election: “It doesn’t seem likely to really change anything anyone cares about.” Click for Klein’s full column, or Beinart’s.

The media has done this with their incessant polls, sometimes hourly, and their wild speculation and their lack of concern for the damage they are doing to the election process.

The real shame is that a right that Americans feel strongly about is taken so nonchalantly.  Some thing as important as the direction of this country is boiled down to a popularity contest.

I weep for this country for if this lunacy continues there is little hope we can survive.even though we have a right to vote.

Sad that this right that we Americans are so proud of has turned into a joke for late night comics.

How to build a better election – The Week

The V (for vote) Day is only days away……I am not confident that the voter will do anything that will help change the downward spiral of this system….I do wish I could be more optimistic….but sadly I cannot.

Almost everybody realizes that the election system needs a major overhaul…..reform will not do it….it needs a change….and before the next election.

This article is a good damn idea….NO!  It is a goddamn excellent idea!


How to build a better election – The Week.

Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch

God how I love the way that misinformation makes its way into the national conversation……and the stupidity of those that believe it is even more amusing…….

I have been a critic of this whole Ebola crisis…..I have stated that it is nothing more than the media milking a story for every ounce of crap they can glean from it…….

And there are the total bullshit from the Right on this crisis……..there are those that believe each and every one of these fear statements…..

Read and report!


Five Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Ebola That Conservatives Actually Believe | Right Wing Watch.