GOP: Face Reality!

The GOP is good with slogans and the deifying of past conservs…..but what they really need to do is take a long hard look at reality….


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Oh Brother!  You guys have a ways to go before you can claim any worthwhile political success……

Bernie Sanders on the Issues –

I realize that most Americans have a full plate….I mean with the concern over Jenner’s sex and the Royal baby watch (spoiler alert!  It was a girl!)…..they do not have much time to check out potential candidates for the highest office in the nation…..

The media is definitely in the Clinton camp……all reports on Bernie make sure to state that he has no chance of winning the nomination and then goes on to explain why he is running……..but if you are not convinced of the unbeatable status the media has given Clinton then check out other possibilities……..

Now that Bernie has made it official and will stand in opposition to Clinton…..what do you know about his stand on the issues?

Bernie should be an excellent opponent in the debates……….

Read and learn………then VOTE!


Bernie Sanders on the Issues –

On The Road To Designer Babies?

Finally!  The weekend and I can kick back and do something religious….like sleep.

Did anyone see the movie Gattaca?  I believe it was about choosing what your baby will look like…a designer baby…..I am sure there have been a dozen or more movies that touch on this type of DNA manipulation…….looks like life is about to mimic art…….

Advances in DNA research are fairly common these days, but a new study out of China seems to qualify for bombshell status: Scientists there edited the genes of human embryos for the first time, reports Nature. This gets into controversial and “ethically charged” territory, notes the MIT Technology Review, because if a mistake is made at the embryonic level, the mutation could get passed on to future generations. It also raises a whole new set of concerns about “designer babies.” To dampen the controversy, the researchers out of Sun Yat-sen University did not use embryos capable of developing into babies. As they explain in Protein & Cell, they used a new gene-editing technique called CRISPR/Cas9 on 86 embryos to try to modify a gene responsible for a blood disorder. Things did not go well.

“Only 28 had the defective sequence removed, and an even tinier fraction of those ended up with the ‘pasted-in’ healthy genetic sequence,” reports Quartz. Worse, mutations were introduced elsewhere. Researchers stopped the experiment, calling the technique “too immature.” Critics not only agree, they want a moratorium on all such work. “There needs to be careful consideration not only of the safety but also of the social and ethical implications of applying this technology to alter our germ lines,” a Harvard researcher tells NPR. At National Geographic, Carl Zimmer compares the controversy to the early days of human cloning and suspects “this week will go down as a pivotal moment in the history of medicine.” This particular experiment may have tanked, but it’s not a “deal-breaker” for the technology, he writes. But, as with cloning, society may now have to make some decisions about what’s appropriate. (Read more about why some scientists want to halt gene editing in humans.)

I kinda have a problem with this…….I understand the medical side of it but this is one of those things that will quickly become a money making enterprise…….does Khan come to mind here?

More Good News From Nigeria

Awhile back the terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of young women……and they have been attacking and kidnapping ever since.  Recently the Nigerian Army rescued about 300 people from Boko Haram and in a stroke of good luck the Army has struck again……..

Another estimated 100 children and 60 women were rescued from Boko Haram yesterday, just a day after another rescue operation freed nearly 300. Nigerian troops ran the rescue operation in Sambisa Forest, during which one of the hostages and one soldier were killed, CNN reports. Troops are now working to destroy militant camps—they’ve hit nine so far—in the forest. “Many of those kidnapped have undergone psychological trauma and indoctrination,” says an army spokesman—and indeed, some of the 293 women and girls rescued earlier in the week had been so indoctrinated by Boko Haram, they actually opened fire on their rescuers, the AP reports.

A counselor who has treated other Boko Haram hostages says this is not uncommon, and that hostages can also become attached to militants they are forced to marry. Experts say many of the rescued women and girls will need intensive psychological treatment. The Nigerian military earlier said the 293 women and girls rescued were not the “Chibok girls” taken more than a year ago, launching the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, but now the army spokesman says it’s too early to tell who they are. “The processing is continuing, it involves a lot of things because most of them are traumatized and you have got to put them in a psychological frame of mind to extract information from them,” he says.

Slowly but slowly the Nigerian Army seems to be capable of taking on Boko Haram and winning…..if their luck keeps up they may soon have all the women and children that have been taken by the group…….

I wish them good hunting.

ISIS: Could The End Be Near? (Update)

About a week ago I wrote about the report coming out of Iraq that the leader of ISIS , al-Baghdadi, had been badly wounded…..(in case you need a refresher)……..

I said then that it was still not confirmed and could possibly just be a propaganda ploy by the Iraqis…..I could remember back a few years ago a senior Taleban leader had been reported killed about 4 times before the confirmation was released…….just did not want to pass on faulty information.

It appears that the UK’s Guardian has a report……..

The leader of the Islamic State (Isis), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi remains incapacitated due to suspected spinal damage and is being treated by two doctors who travel to his hideout from the group’s stronghold of Mosul, the Guardian has learned.

Details of Baghdadi’s condition, and of the physicians treating him, have emerged since the Guardian revealed he had been seriously wounded on 18 March in an air strike that killed three men he was travelling with. The attack took place in al-Baaj, 80 miles (128km) west of Mosul.

Only a small clique of Isis leaders know the extent of Baghdadi’s injuries, or where he is being treated. Fewer still have visited him. However, word of his wounds has started to spread to the group’s second-tier leadership, where talk is rife of avenging the most serious blow to Isis since the group overran half of Iraq.

If this is true….how will if effect the fighting capability of ISIS?

Could leadership explain the losses suffered by the group in the last couple of months?

Could this be the beginning of the end for ISIS?


American History 101

Baltimore is just the most recent example of the inequalities in this country……..the US has always been a source of extreme thought about minorities……we can be a nation of haters……….


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