I have a bit of experience on this subject…..my late father was tended to by a hospice company in the last year of his life…..he was not dying at the time…..but he needed help and hospice was gladly there to lend a helping hand…..at least we thought it was their plan.

Once you go on hospice you lose your doctor and have to use the hospital that they deem worthy…..and they happily do anything they can to help….as long as social security can be billed……

I was not going to make a deal out of what I thought of them but after I read this piece I felt like I had to say something…..

(Newser) – Hospice care is for the terminally ill, yet the number of “hospice survivors” jumped 50% in California between 2002 and 2012. Something to celebrate? Not quite: A Washington Post investigation into the $17 billion industry now dominated by for-profits reveals hospice companies recruit patients who aren’t dying because they need fewer visits, stay enrolled longer, and make them more money since Medicare pays about $150 a day per patient, whether or not they get a visit. Profits have exploded from $353 per patient in 2002 to $1,975 in 2012 in California—the data “offers a portrait of the industry,” the Post notes—and despite advice from watchdogs, Medicare has kept the financial incentives in place, at a potential loss of billions of dollars a year.

“It must be strange to be told you’re dying and then not die,” says a lawyer who’s filed several suits against hospice companies on behalf of ex-employees who claim some hospices have a “sign everybody up” policy; the companies have denied the claims. But the length of stay is important, too. On average, patients stay at nonprofit hospices for 69 days, and 102 days at for-profits, the Post notes. “If they come in very sick and die right away, it’s difficult to run a business that way,” says a former Delta Hospice worker. The branch she worked at had a survival rate of 63%, but hospices say that’s no sign of fraud. Per a Delta rep: “To state the obvious, terminal prognostication is not an exact science.” Click for the full piece

It seems that the doctor and the nurse that would visit my father missed a septic condition and pneumonia……..after I called the EMTs and admitted him into a hospital (was not their choice) they threatened to tell social security that the house was filthy and dank…..a typical cover your ass move…….but once I got my hackles up they quickly decided that there had been a miss communication or something equally lame.

In closing….it is a racket and social security and Medicare are being bilked out of millions every year….maybe instead of screwing the elderly we should look into these con artists and thieves.  Whatcha think?

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