This week with our hard working Congress in recess until the new year (that was sarcasm in case you missed it) I have decided to focus on the issues.  Issues that we will hear about hourly next year, I after all it is an election year and the BS artists will be out in force.

Today’s topic will be climate change……I know we all do not agree on what is going on with our climate….but reputable research into the effects of CO2 on the environment is overwhelming and it will depend on how it is spun as to whether it is pro or con……that in itself is a sad indictment to our mental capacities……

AS dangerous as CO2 is there is something worse…far worse….and it has been pumped into the atmosphere for decades………

(Newser) – Canadian researchers have detected another greenhouse gas—and its global warming potential is extreme. Over the course of a century, “a single molecule of PFTBA has the equivalent climate impact as 7,100 molecules of CO2,” says a lead author of the study that identified perfluorotributylamine. “We claim that PFTBA has the highest radiative efficiency of any molecule detected in the atmosphere to date,” Angela Hong adds. Electrical items, including transistors and capacitors, have used PFTBA since the middle of the last century, the Guardian reports, though its impact on climate was only now established.

And like certain other industrial chemicals, “it is not being regulated by any type of climate policy,” says Hong. The study’s silver lining: The researchers found that compared to carbon dioxide, there’s relatively little of the stuff in the atmosphere: 0.18 parts per trillion around Toronto, where the study was conducted, versus 400 parts per million of CO2. But while trees and oceans act as carbon sinks, researchers say no one knows how to rid the atmosphere of the chemical, AFP notes, which could stick around for as long as 500 years. “We have to make sure it doesn’t grow and become a very large contributor to global warming,” an expert tells the Guardian.

Sorry but time has long past for the bullshit……and I am sure that this will be a well contested issue come elections…….and I would bet that there will be NO debate among the pros and the cons except in 30 minute statements on competing media outlets… Nero fiddled while Rome burned….our politicians are snoozing while the planet is set ablaze in the coming future……I am so proud to be a human it is most unbearable……once again…SARCASM!

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