Today will be my only day of mental relaxation from the world of dumbasses…..

It is 2 pm and your butt is dragging….what to do….what to do?  Should you hit the coffee machine?  How about one of those yummy drinks that say you can have a 5 hour boost of energy……boy are you guys suckers!

(Newser) – There is exactly one ingredient in energy drinks that actually perks you up, a new study suggests: good old caffeine. None of the other ingredients that supposedly give the drinks an edge actually improve alertness, researchers concluded. They gave participants water, water with caffeine, and 5-Hour Energy, and had them attempt to respond to changing letters on a screen while scanning their brains, LiveScience reports.

The result? There was zero difference between the group that had the caffeinated water and the group that had the 5-Hour Energy. “A lot of people take the energy drinks because they think they have that extra boost over caffeine,” one of the researchers said. But a cup of coffee “would do you just as well,” assuming it had the same amount of caffeine. Of course, that’s usually not the case; each 2-ounce 5-Hour Energy bottle packs about as much caffeine as two cups of joe.

Living proof that Americans will buy anything that is fashionable…….marketers have us all by the balls……

A cup of Joe is cheaper and just as effective…….”if sounds too good to be true….it usually is”

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