This will be the last post on Benghazi…..I have a feeling that the luster is gone off this lily….

All the slow witted Righties are still on the Benghazi kick, granted it is not as important now as it once was… see they now have new more current talking points to latch onto….those would be the IRS attacks on Tea Party non profits and their newest scandal to bite into…the AP having their phones checked by the FBI…..

Most Righties remind me of a lecture I gave on Afghanistan and everyone had an opinion on how to win the conflict……so as an experiment I handed out a blank world map and ask them to locate Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel……..just I had thought they could not find most of the countries on a map……one person out of 22 got them all……and 13 of 22 got them all wrong……why would I bring this up?

Newser) – Republicans remain pretty stinkin’ mad over Benghazi, with 41% of GOP voters telling Public Policy Polling that they think it is the biggest political scandal in our country’s history. Just 10% of Democrats feel similarly. But here’s the most interesting nugget: Among those voters who ranked it as the worst scandal ever, 39% don’t know where Benghazi is: Some 10% picked Egypt, while 6% thought Cuba, for instance. Our geography skills aren’t that great overall: Only 58% of all voters polled knew that it’s in Libya.

The point is that the Righties are so angry about the situation that occurred in Benghazi…but few know where it is……in other words they are angry because they are told that they should be angry….not from any knowledge of any type.

We can thank a dynamite educational system for this lack of knowledge….I do not mind if someone has a rabid opinion but I do detest people that have NO idea what they are talking about and depend on daily talking points to form their opinions… a serious lack of intelligence.

Addendum:  We have heard all the talking points about the emails during and after the attack in Benghazi… is a novel concept….the emails have been released so go to link and read them for yourself…….

View the full set of emails:

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