Are you weary if the news coming out of Syria?  You might want to pay attention because if people ( I use the term loosely) like McCain has his way we will be in a shooting war that American soldiers will pay the price of his hubris……..and all this concern for the Syrian people is nothing…it is as disingenuous as they were with Iraq.

The news is not good.  We have info that someone somewhere used chemical weapons (WMDs) in Syria…..of course the neocons are taking every opportunity to push for some sort of American intervention…….especially McCain, the one person that knows first hand what war can do to an individual…..but he and his wing man Graham just keep scratching at the scab……and now the neocon talking heads are making the rounds on the news talk shows spouting the pro-invention BS………and the MSM is abetting the neocons in their push for action by continuing to use the alleged use of chemical weapons in any report they do on Syria……..

Even the president in a recent speech admits that it is not common knowledge that these weapons were used…….his words were do not who, where or how these weapons were used only that there is evidence of varying degrees of confidence……so but to me that is Washington speak for…..we have no idea.

NO one has any idea if these weapons were actually used……regardless that there is no concrete evidence that it was the Assad regime…..The UN is NOT echoing the neocons accusations…….

(Newser) – Another game-changer? One of the United Nations’ chief investigators says evidence is building that sarin gas was used in the Syrian conflict—but by rebels, not Bashar al-Assad’s regime. “Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors, and field hospitals” and “there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas,” said Carla Del Ponte, a member of a panel probing alleged Syrian war crimes, Reuters reports. “This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities,” she adds.

The war crimes inquiry commission Del Ponte is involved with is separate from the main UN probe into chemical weapons use in Syria. Each side accused the other of using chemical weapons during fighting in Aleppo in March, while Britain and France say they have evidence that regime forces used nerve agents in attacks on rebels. In other developments:

  • Israeli airstrikes on targets inside Syria in recent days have killed at least 42 government soldiers, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights tells the AP. Israel today emphasized that the strikes were not meant to aid rebels, Reuters adds, but rather to block weapons from Hezbollah.
  • The Israeli move renewed debate on whether the US should use airstrikes against the Assad regime, the New York Times reports. John McCain, who yesterday blasted President Obama’s “red line” as being “written in disappearing ink,” said the strikes show that Syria’s air defense system may not be much of an obstacle.
  • Opposition activists say rebel forces shot down a military helicopter last night, killing eight government troops, the AP reports. The regime’s air power has long been a chief target of rebels and activists say rebels also attacked and occupied parts of an air base in the north of the country yesterday, killing the base’s commander and capturing a tank unit.

Israel is doing its part to draw the US into this conflict…….but beyond that….if you have been in the ME you would notice that everyone uses a cel phone and to think the chem weapons were used and no one put photos of the web is plain stupid……if the weapons had been used there would be evidence by now…….will this shut up people like McCain?  Doubtful!  He is Hell bent on involving the US in another war it cannot win.

To me this is just a PR job to get the American people to be on board with military intervention in Syria……it has been used successfully in the past and there is no indication that they will not use it in the future or even today.

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