There are some things that I find too boring for words…..among them are golf and fishing…..but a good many Americans think spending a weekend trying to out think an animal with the brain the size of a pea is sport…….I guess the beer helps justify the waste of time… fisher people spend time looking for the advantage they need to out fox the elusive fish….special rods, reels, lures, equipment, boats….all sorts of expensive crap…….but it could be easier than one thinks……

Source: UK Daily Mail

Sleeping pills may be disturbing river ecosystems by turning fish into greedy, risk-taking loners, say researchers.

Scientists studied the behaviour of perch exposed to a sedative which is carried into waterways through sewage.

The drug, a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and insomnia called oxazepam, made the fish bolder and less social.

They left the safety of their schools to forage alone – making them vulnerable to predators – and also ate more quickly than normal.

‘Normally perch are shy and hunt in schools,’ said study leader Dr Tomas Brodin, from Umea University in Sweden.

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See there is an easier way to fish….there is dynamite, electricity and now……….. DRUGS!

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