This will be my last poem……since it has not generated much interest or discussion….there is no need to continue…I do hope that my followers enjoy this brief look into my past…….

This poem is my reaction to the news of a fellow recon guy that I had served with in my first tour…..his death on the streets of San Francisco…he was homeless and addicted to drugs and had violent bouts of combat flashbacks……..he needed help and no one cared.


Come on down to the sea

For you will see

All the beauty

Of a beach of debris.

On this day a young man cries

The pain forces tears into his eyes

And speak softly before he dies

“Thank You”

Then slowly closes his eyes.

A long haired “creep” has died

But none of the “straight” sighed

The men from homicide

Laughed it off as suicide.

If you are a freak

And reality you seek

Look into the eyes of a homeless vet

Possibly one could find the true meaning of “regret”.

CHUQ                     25Apr1969

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