This is the calm weekend, at least for me, time when I reflect on the past weeks …….HA HA HA…..time for some news and such…..enough with the political morons…..give us…..BOOBS!

(Newser) – Critics of breast implants like to cite possible side effects, but now advocates can mention their life-saving potential: A woman in Canada says hers protected her in a shooting. “My implants took the brunt of the force,” Eileen Likness testified at the trial of an ex-boyfriend accused of shooting her, reports the Toronto Sun. The bullet traveled through one and out the other before hitting her forearm. Now she’s all healed—with new implants. “I had to wait some time, but yes, I had some put back in,” she says. Her ex-beau’s trial continues.

See now you know why it is entitled….”Who Knew”?

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